Dedicated to help improve housing growth in Essex and to support wider housing and related services focusing on the private, intermediate and affordable sector

01 About The Group

Set up by founding members from the two partnerships

The Essex Developers Group (EDG) focuses on helping to improve housing growth across the County whilst the locally based South Essex Housing Group (SEHG) aims to influence and improve housing and related services focusing on the affordable sector.

EDG comprises developers, contractors, consultants, local housing companies, housing, associations, Essex County Council and borough, city, district and unitary authorities as members.   The group aims to eliminate barriers to house building and maximise commercial opportunities by getting the public and private sectors working together in a sustainable way that meets local needs.

SEHG, comprising local authorities, housing associations and Essex County Council, aims to contribute and influence the national, regional housing agenda through supporting developing and implementing local housing strategies forming part of a Strategic Planning Framework for South Essex (including Brentwood) being led by Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA).

03 Key Contacts

Housing Essex Key Contacts

Mark Curle
Chair - Essex Developers Group

Helen McCabe
Chair – South Essex Housing Group

Alastair Pollock
Strategy Co-ordinator

05 Members

Bringing house builders and agents together with the public sector in Essex

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