01 About Essex Developers Group

Working with the Government, Housing Minister, Homes England and Essex County Council to accelerate housing delivery and affordable homes

Essex Developers Group (EDG) is working with the Government, Housing Minister, Homes England and Essex County Council to accelerate housing delivery and affordable homes. Key areas of focus include planning, viability, construction skills, climate action, quality design and supporting SMEs / smaller house builders.

EDG has excellent links and a history of positive working with a wide range of housing and planning Groups including: Essex Planning Officers Association and Essex Housing Officers Group. It forms part of a wider collaboration of developer groups which currently exist in the South East.

The formation of the EDG is vital to the county’s future growth and prosperity. The group is working with house builders, contractors and agents along with key planning and housing officers across the county to promote joint ambition and collaboration, share best practice and ensure infrastructure is aligned with sustainable housing growth. In doing so, EDG will be able to speak with a much stronger voice directly with government.

The latest Terms of Reference for the Group can be found here.

02 Explore

Affordable housing

A resume of national trends, local house prices, affordability and market indicators.

Asset management

Managing assets effectively is crucial to the operations of local authorities, registered providers and private landlords in meeting their strategic goals particularly in relation increasing value and maintaining stock.

Climate Action

Our Climate Action Charter includes an action plan to support partners develop their own actions to address climate change and prepare for zero carbon.

Construction Skills

Working with the Essex Employment and Skills Board to continue to invest in the local skills pipeline and training provision.

Evidence base

Having a robust evidence base is key to securing a sound local plan and for making a convincing case for funding to support essential infrastructure. 

Funding opportunities

A range of funding opportunities exist for EDG and SEHG partners from the Government to support housing growth and related services.

Greater Essex Planning Protocols

Together, local authorities, developers and infrastructure providers are vital to the delivery of quality, sustainable development: this Protocol is our shared commitment.

Housing Quality & Design

Collaborating to improve the quality of housing development in Essex through establishment of a pan-Essex innovation and quality project.

Housing Recovery

Partnership's ongoing response to housing recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic and some key interventions.

Nominations, allocations & lettings

The South Essex Housing Group set up an Allocations Sub Group to develop a Sub-Regional Nomination Agreement Best Practice Guide.

Older People's Housing & Healthy Living

The population of Essex is ageing. What is needed is a wide range of housing types across all tenures, including accessible and adaptable general needs retirement housing.

Preventing Homelessness

Preventing homelessness remains a key priority both nationally and across Essex.

Private Rented Sector

Key evidence was submitted by South Essex Housing Group to the New Rugg Review covering the state of the local private rented sector, associated problems / obstacles and solutions that have or are being considered to resolve them.

Strategic Planning, Regeneration, Garden Communities and Stewardship

Partners are working together on agreeing the overall housing requirement forming part of a wider evidence base to support Local Plans and investment in infrastructure. The potential for new garden settlements are also being explored across Essex.

03 Latest News & Events

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Shenfield Library to deliver 9 apartments

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The Essex Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS)

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Qualis Homes sponsors Epping Youth FC Girls’ Team

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How retrofit programme is unlocking new opportunities for a net-zero Essex

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Vital homes in Waltham Abbey move one step closer to completion

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Work Underway to deliver a brand-new Library for Shenfield residents

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04 Planning

Local Authority Plans

Essex is made up of 15 Local Planning Authorities including City, District, Borough, Unitary and County Councils. The following links will take you to each local authorities planning page for the latest local plan update: